There is so much to be discovered in the world of coffee. And each package of OMCAFE reveals a part of that mysterious and far-away world to you.

What makes us so special?

In pursuit of the best kinds of coffee, experts from our company travel around the whole world, visiting individual coffee cultivators and building long-lasting as well as personal relationships with them.

Excellent climate conditions for the breeding of coffee, as well as a long tradition of the cultivation of this plant, have made us choose the plantations and individual raw coffee breeders from the high regions of the Equatorial Belt.

In order to choose the best kinds of raw coffee, our experts taste over 400 hundred of trial roasts every year.

The coffee we import and the way we roast it are inextricably connected with one another.

With the aim of extracting a whole spectrum of flavours from our highest quality green grains of coffee we have developed a special way of grinding and roasting, which we continue to improve. This process dates back as far as the early nineties of the last century, when OMCAFE was established in the first place.

Our most cutting-edge equipment in this area enables us to maintain a high and even level of roasting and grinding, as well as to preserve through our special way of packing all the aromatic flavours that we deliver in every package of OMCAFE.

Our experts for quality that determine what the taste of our and your coffee will be like, together with our valued clients, have the last say.

We invite you to try and enjoy in our special kinds of coffee, for every cup of OMCAFE is another “Pretext for a chat”.




Carefully chosen best grains of coffee from the plantations from all over the world, a special way of roasting, grinding and packing, guarantee a high and permanent quality of our products.


Product Range

A rich and diverse product range as a result of meeting the needs of our clients.


Trust of clients

A constant and stable growth in sales, direct meetings and more than 10000 members in our Friends Club speak volumes about the trust we enjoy from our clients.


Regional coverage

By being present on the markets of BiH, Serbia, and soon on the markets of Montenegro and Macedonia, OMCAFE is becoming one of the leaders in the region.

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